Top 10 Selling Tips

1) Give your home great ‘ curb appeal’

Make sure the outside is as tidy and as appealing as possible. You want the viewer desperate to see more. So, make sure the outside is in top shape and create a great first impression of your property. Give the front door a lick of paint if it’s looking a bit tired, add pots or hanging baskets to create colour. Make sure bins and anything else unappealing is stored out of sight.

2)  De-clutter

You don’t need to spend huge amounts as it’s likely any buyer will change things when they move in. However, it is always worth freshening rooms up with a neutral colour to the walls and removing as much clutter as possible from all rooms to make them feel as big and airy as possible. Use mirrors and light to create space and fresh flowers to brighten the room. Special emphasis should be on the most important feature to most buyers, the kitchen! Keep worktops as clear as possible and remember ‘less Is more’ when it comes to displaying your wares!

3) Check the little things

Prospective buyers will probably be looking at a number of properties, so make yours stand out with a bit of extra care. Make sure all light bulbs are working, taps aren’t leaky, doors aren’t creaky – all the little things can count.

4) Highlight key features

Buyers want to be able to imagine living in your home, so remove as many personal items as possible such as your large wedding photos, posters in the children’s bedrooms etc. If a room is detailed in your property brochure as a 4th bedroom, – make sure it contains a bed, if it’s a study – have a desk in it

5) Let us do the hard work

Buyers want to feel at ease when they look around your home, so consider taking advantage of our offer to provide accompanied viewings.

6) Gardener’s World

A well-kept gardens make a huge difference. Even if your garden isn’t the easiest to maintain, keeping it looking tidy, shrubs cut back and lawn cut will give far greater appeal.

7) Pets!

Unfortunately, unlike us, not everyone is a pet lover, some buyers are put off by our four legged friends, some may even be allergic to cat hair. Please consider a quick vacuum or taking “Rover” out for a walk during the viewing.

8) Use your frontage to your advantage

Consider a For Sale Board. It’s a great way for spreading word of mouth, they can generate 30% more enquiries, that’s more potential buyers! Also, potential buyers who view from the outside first from board and want to view have already ticked off location and kerb appeal.

9) Useful information

Buyers like to know about good local schools, parks, your favourite walk, where’s good to eat, it’s all a good ice breaker.

10) Choose wisely.

Picking an estate agent you can relate to, is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful is so important. The right approach will lead to achieving the best possible sale.